You Wont Believe These Three Facts About Jonny

By: Jonny Fluckey | 5/27/2019


"He dares to be a fool, and that is the first step in the direction of wisdom."

-James Huneker

Wow, I started a blog! And i'm doing it on my own personal website. It's just crazy enough that it might work.

If you have gotten to this post, I'm guessing you have seen the About Me page of the site and gotten a little bit of background about me. But for my first blog post on the site, here's some extra information that you might not have seen coming:

1. I have a left brain, but am fascinated with the right brain and want to exercise that side

Here is a quick overview of left brain/right brain theory if you are not familiar.

For those that know me and have seen me in action, I definitely gravitate towards being a left brain. I value logic probably to a fault, I analyze items heavily to make the best decisions, and I seek to sort fact from fiction. My left brain is what has helped me be successful in my career so far, and is what has driven me towards getting into web development. I love my left brain, and look forward to having it for the long haul.

At the same time, I have consistently throughout the years had an itch for the creative side, and really want to figure out the best way that I can express myself creatively. Here are a list of things I have at a minimum researched for more than a few hours:

  • Writing a fictional book
  • Starting a podcast
  • Making YouTube videos
  • Blogs on many a topic (Sports, TV Criticism, Weight Loss)
  • Drone Videography
  • Stand Up Comedy

Some of these have merely been research and never attempted (Stand Up Comedy fascinates me, but scares me to death!). Some I have put to toe in the water (I scribbled some ideas for a book, made some small videos I put on Facebook, and bought a cheap drone so I could learn to fly). Others I have put in a ton of effort only to not end up releasing anything publicly (I had a whole blog set up dedicated to weight loss, but ended up abandoning the project. Partially due to laziness, but also due to fear).  

I did make an attempt at a sports blog 10 years ago that was public and shared on Facebook. I just re-read some of those posts and cringed.

I'm hoping this blog can be a first step in helping me develop the creative side of my brain, which can only help me as I start my web developer journey.

2. I love to travel!

Nothing bring me more joy in life than to travel to new destinations with my family. My wife and I have made a commitment to travel to a new continent for each 10 year anniversary. Our first 10 year milestone was last year, when we went to Europe and explored Paris, London, and Edinburgh:





My all time dream would be to work remotely while traveling the world. While thats not super feasible at the moment due to school and athletic activities for the kids, its something I want to strive for someday (Maybe in my 50's after the kids are out of the house, but still young enough to somewhat move around).

3. I'm not 100% sure what this blog will end up being, but it will certainly be 100% me

Seeing as the overall website is intended to be a portfolio website to show off my web development capabilities, I'm certain that there will be a lot of tech related posts chronicling my developer journey, and a bunch of posts detailing stuff I have learned along the way.

I'm certain I will have some opinions about the upcoming offseason for the Utah Jazz.

I'm sure I will have some hot takes the next time a Marvel movie comes or I discover a TV show I love.

I'm obsessed with investing, and have lofty goals to retire in my 50's with lots of passive income coming my way, and would be eager to share my successes (or lack thereof).

Either way, my hope is that this blog will continue on, and be something that I can look back on and be proud of. That will only happen if I am 100% authentic, so that is my intention from here on out.

I look forward to this journey, and thank you for reading and indulging me. I hope that you find some value from what I write.

I'll still be sure to write plenty of click bait posts just in case :)